Frequent Questions

What is FurryMap?

FurryMap is a free service that allows you to add your location on a map.

Can I register?

Not at the moment, this functionality will be available soon.

How can I add myself to the map?

By clicking on the green button at the top of the web that says "Add me!" and filling in the form that you will find there. It is not a record, only the request to be added to the list.

After requesting it, a moderator will contact you to verify the information you have provided and when everything is correct you will be added to the list.

I don't want to give my position on the map, is that possible?

Yes, in the application form it is only mandatory to select the country, the other data of your position can be selected only if you want to give that information.

How can I change my location or any other information?

You just have to send an email to FurryMap indicating your name and the new data or the new data that you want to change. Before being changed, a moderator will check the request.

Can I be removed from the list?

Yes, as in the previous section, you just have to send an email to FurryMap indicating your name. Before being removed, a moderator will check the request.

What is a "Furry"?

"The furry genre is based on the idea of fantasy animal characters, rather than any one type of fiction. Any title in any form of media can be considered relative to the furry genre simply by having a fantasy animal character in it. Such characters are most often seen in cartoons, comics, science fiction, allegorical novels, Gothic horror movies, commercials and video games." Wikifur